Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Sunday at church, my son said one of those "I better write it down before I forget it" things. My hubby, the Pastor, was in front of church and was introducing a woman who wanted to join our church. He mentioned she had been baptised by immersion already, yadda yadda yadda. A couple of minutes later, my 8 year old son said, "Mom, did Dad just say she was baptised by a Martian?" I could hardly keep quiet! So funny!
Today he was a big boy, he was out with my husband, who has juvenile diabetes. and the hubster's sugar got really low. My big boy suggested they go to Sonic and mr 8 yr old marched right up and ordered their lunch and paid! I love this kid.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Desk Morph

I bought this cute desk and chair on good ol Craigs List for $50. I probably could have gotten it for less, but it was from a young girl who was moving to CA. She was trying to sell everything in her apt before giving what was left to GW. Thought I was probably helping her out.Anyway, it was really cute. Exactly what I was looking for to put in our kitchen. I did paint it. Of course, I pretty much painted it the SAME color, but still, I painted it BM Navajo White and since it is fake wood white underneath, I could not sand to distress it.
So I used PLAID stains in Maple to do my faux distressin'.

Had to add the B to the chair...just needed a little something extra.

Also recovered the chair in a cute chenille that was only like a $1 at Joanne's. I think it turned out so cute. Sure looks better than the big ol honker hutch that was here before.
We took that hutch apart and have our new tv on the bottom half. See?

The top is in the garage, I need to think of something to do with that.

The TV cabinet will be painted white, guess that will be another Monday.

But here is my completed least for now. Oh yeah, I added new handles too.
My friend asked me if I got a sale on "B's" haha
Thanks for looking! I would love your feedback!